Supercar was Gerry Anderson's first Supermarionation puppet series. It was the forerunner 
to such other Anderson classics as Fireball XL5, Stingray and Thunderbirds.  
Consisting of 39 episodes it aired on commercial TV here in the UK in January 1961 and ran until 
April 1962 in two blocks, 26 in series one and the remainder in series two. 
So welcome back to 1961 when all you needed to escape the real World was a rented 
black and white television set with just two channels to choose from.
by Dave Hobson
This is the Worlds only online Supercar memorabilia museum. 

 Items were sourced from around the Globe over 20 years from places including Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, American, Canada, Spain & Japan.
The majority of the collection was sold at Bonhams in England on 21st December 2010. 
The site is remaining in place as a reference guide for Supercar fans and collectors worldwide. 
This site contains 95% of the Supercar items ever made, if you have an item not shown please send me a picture and I will include it and credit you.

For a flavour of what is contained within see below.

 If you enjoy it drop me an email.
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Welcome to Mike Mercury in Supercar

In Memory of Gerry Anderson
14th April 1929 ----- 26th December 2012

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