My holy trinity of Daleks, the three I remember having as a kid.
Codeg Clockwork.
Woolworths Herts.
Marx first issue,
The earliest Dr Who item the Plaston Tardis 
Two different colours of 1970's Palitoy Daleks. 
Two small metal kit Daleks copying the TV21 style, one riding a hoverbout and the other being the Dalek Emporer. 
Three Dapol recreations of the original Marx Dalek, there was a huge range available. 
Three versions on the Comet Miniatures Dalek model kit. The TV Dalek was the first kit I ever built and then two versions of the Comet Movie Dalek.
Two versions of the Product Enterprise remote control Dalek. 
The red head is the Denys Fisher Dalek, the yellow head is a 1970's bubble bath container. 
The Comet Miniature Movie Daleks on their own. 
Little & large are the 1960's Dalek skittle and the Selco "Nursery" Dalek. 
Two ARC Daleks the small one is the standard issue one, the large one is possible the only large ARC Dalek as it is No1 of 250 but I have never seen another. 
My Sevans Dalek, formerly the property of the Longleat Tardis Exhibition. 
Genesis of the Daleks 
The collection as displayed at home.