Harry Restoration
This page over time will show the restoration of "Harry" from
Gerry Anderson's Space Police,
the pilot film of what later became
the TV series Space Precinct.

Why over time ? well because I need to acquire the knowledge and skills on how to perform the restoration.

I have started with some basic measures on the character head
just to stop any further deterioration
but on the helmet I have achieved quite a nice clean up in a very
short time.

The helmet is made from glass fibre and plastic, so I used my limited
car body repair skills
[gained from working on my first car as it was made from glass fibre]
to just give it a very good clean
up and polish. The first job was to remove a number of stickers the helmet had acquired over the years which seem to be from a music cassette tape !

I began by watched the Fanderson DVD of Space Police again to make sure that the stickers weren't supposed to be there, as I know that the studio used anything to hand when customising an item, after all the knobs and switches in Thunderbirds are old toothpaste
tube tops.

The stickers were removed from the helmet with soap and water and a little lighter fluid to removed the sticker residue. Next came a wash all over again with a strong soap and water solution which removed some of the grime, followed by a very, very gentle, piece by piece rub over with some T-Cut car body colour enhancer, you can see the stripe effect on the gold painted top of the helmet in the picture from my first try.

By the end of a bit of hard careful work Harry's helmet looked much more presentable, I then gave the visor my attention, this time using some Brasso wadding I carefully rubbed off the grime and most of
the surface scratches.

In the picture below of Harry
wearing the helmet you can see
just how well it cleaned up.

Tackling the head it self is a totally different prospect.

The head is built around parts of a plastic building site safety
helmet which is quite robust.

But time has not been kind to the other materials used in the making
of Harry.

The main material of construction is a fur fabric backed in foam, over a net weave and this has deteriorated quite badly along the neck edge and base of the skull.

For now I have just stabilized it by giving it a copious coating of PVA adhesive.

The fur needs a good clean but I will need to think long and hard about how and with what before I tackle it and one of Harry's nostrils
is also damaged so that will need rebuilding some how.

Update December 2006

Well in the break between
Christmas and New Year
I decided I would have a go at
sorting out Harry's crumbling nose.

After some thought Miliput seemed
a likely option as it is easy to mould
into shape and sets really hard.

I started by mixing a small amount of
the putty together, for those who don't know, its a two part substance very like Plasticine but sets hard after the chemical reaction, giving you about 20 minutes to work it.

I built it up slowly inside the nostril until it was close to and then proud
of the opposite side.

Then using a couple of simple tools and a wet finger tip I started to try
and recreate the other side
of her nose and got quite a
passable appearance with
a little bit of trial and error.

I left a small ridge at the top of the finished nostril because
wanted to use some
hair from the rear of the head
and neck area to fill in the gap in
the fur on the front of the nose.

I painted the nose using acrylic
paint. First an undercoat of flat
white and then a mixed  concoction
of colours to try and match the
shade the nose had become over the years. On the Space Police DVD
the colour is much lighter and
I may change it one day to more
of how it was in 1987 rather than
how it is now.

I am sure you will agree
Harry looks much nicer in the
bottom photograph than she
does in the one at
the start of this update.

If you would like to see a brief synopsis of Space Police
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