Supercar Comic Art
Supercar original comic art by Ray Osrin.

This is the original art work from the inside rear cover of Gold Key comic Supercar No 1.
It is four times the size of the actual comic page which can be seen below framed with it.

Ray Osrin 1928-2001

Raymond Harold Osrin studied at the High School of Industrial Arts and the Art Students League. He was a staff inker at the Iger comics shop from 1945 to 1949. In the 1940s, his work appeared at Fiction House and Fox. From the mid 1950s, he drew for Archie Comics ('Pat the Brat'), Charlton ('Blue Beetle', 'Crime and Justice', romance and suspense stories) and Dell/Gold Key ('Snuffy Smith and Barney Google', 'Supercar'). In the 1960s he was a ghost artist on the 'Morty Meekle' daily. Ray was the staff cartoonist of the Pittburgh Press from 
1958 to 1963. He became the editorial cartoonist of the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 1963.
I was also lucky enough to acquire the original Ray Osrin artwork from the inside front cover of Gold Key comic Supercar No 1.