Original Studio Pieces 1990's 

Left from Space Precinct the head mask of officer Beezle as played by actor Tom Watt. The picture below is Beezle wearing his Police hat, the hat was a very generous gift, thanks Jamie.

Also shown below is the original "Harry" mask from Space Police the pilot film of what turned into Space Precinct
8 years later. 

The mask was worn in the film by Lyn Beardsell. I asked Lyn if she had any memories of working in the mask, she said her only real memory was being temporally blinded when the anamatronics operator would move the eyes
unexpectely while she walked along.

Lyn also said she was honoured to have be involved in one
of Gerry Andersons productions.

I still own the shirt and the panel, the heads have been sold.

To see the opening titles of Space Precinct on Youtube
click play

Also shown is officer Beezles Police Badge.
Next from Space Precinct a "female alien" police shirt  I know this because it says so inside the collar.
Left is a close up of the insignia on the arms
Below a studio used prop panel from Space Precinct.

Not a prop but an interesting addition to this page are the proof copies
from the 1992 Matchbox
Thunderbird 1 die-cast toy.

The black & white ones at the bottom are the mock ups full size of the front and back of the card but the original artwork  pieces that make up the picture are much larger.

Next below is just a sample of a file of items I recently acquired, all of which relates to Space Precinct episode 24 DEATHWATCH II. It contains the shooting script and pink paged revision also the shooting schedule and more excitingly a set of story boards for the whole shoot

Again from Space Precinct this is a fifty credit note from the planet Altor.
Below a final shooting script from Space Precinct
episode 11 "illegal" dated 26th September 1994.

Harry's ears are detachable to accommodate the wearing of her police helmet.
There is a page under construction that will show the restoration of Harry over the next few months click here for a preview.