Supercar publicity photos 
The main man.
Mike Mercury
standing in the 
cockpit, here you
can clearly see
that only the rear
canopy suppport 
has holes in,
the front one
is blank, why?
The smallest
of the Supercar models in flight, 
I wonder what
 to it?
Mike Mercury
Prof Popkiss. 
Nice photo
of young
Jimmy Gibson.
This is one I
haven't seen
Mike Mercury
together with
Dr Beaker.

A nice behind
the scenes shot of Gerry Anderson
with Jimmy and Mitch on set.

"is it me or does
Gerry look younger now than he did
40 years ago"?

A Supercar memorabilia picture from 1962, judging by the age of the annual of offer.

The photographer
was from Harrogate in Yorkshire
so I am presuming it is from the  a trade toyfair that took place there and it is still 
held today.

Items on show include the Mike, Jimmy and Beaker Pelham puppets, the Mike Mercury pilot suit, four Plaston Supercars that are worth a fortune today, 
the magnetic adventure set, a jigsaw puzzle and the underwater treasure hunt game but most amazingly what looks to be an inflatable Supercar.

The wardrobe department at 
AP Films circa

The next two photographs show what appear to be a bunch of executives on a studio tour.

Who let the 
Professor drive ?

Popkiss  and Beaker
don't look very impressed by all the attention.

A nice sot of Supercar in production featuring
Julian Lurgan

Supercar really was a Worldwide
This picture of Mike
was purchased from a man in Argentina.

Christmas 1961 saw
 a full sized 
Supercar featured
in the Wizard of Oz ice show at the Empire Pool in Wembley, makes you 
wonder what
happened to it ?

To see a programme and ticket for the Ice show, together with the message written inside from 
Mike Mercury 
click here.

Details on the reverse of the picture show how much it cost, £2500 which was a huge amount of money in 1961, it also says that Supercar is 36 feet long but I find that hard to believe and presume it is 
a misprint.