Mike Mercury Pilot Suits, Belt
and Supercar Cloth
Fantastically rare
is this Mike Mercury 
Pilot Suit from
Dekker in the UK.
If you can find one be prepared to part 
with £5-600.

Mine came with a 
genuine 1960's 
moth, luckly 
it was dead !

.1960's Supercar material.
Probably for making a pillow
 case or curtains, as
duvet covers were decades away. 
Sheets and blankets were the norm 
in Britain in the sixties.

Or so I thought, until I saw the Stingray episode A Christmas To Remember, 
in which a orphan boy is taken on a tour 
of Marineville by Troy and Atlanta 
on Christmas Eve. 

Another great item 
is this 1960's
Mike Mercury
Halloween costume
by Collegeville in
the US.
This is the only example I have ever seen but as to how rare it actually is? 
I don't know.

Next  one of  latest acquisitions a 1960 child's belt mint on a mint card,
How rare is that !
He can be clearly seen in a nice set of Supercar pajamas made from the same material. Phones delivers the presents dressed as Father Christmas...after being flattened by Troy, thinking he was a 
spy !! and when young Barry opens his present on Christmas Day its a Stingray model, you would have thought the 
PJ's were a clue! get the kid 
Supercar toy Troy !!!!!