Original Studio Pieces Page 1980's

All these Items now live elsewhere.
The first item is a prop set panel from Gerry Andersons Terrahawks.
Purchased at a collectors fair in Manchester
Terrahawks studio
  letterhead below.
Not a prop but a nice sweet shop counter display box of Terrahawks bubblegum which is around half full.
A prop model of Yung-Star from episode 33 of Terrahawks, used in the Museum explosion scene.
Next an original Cube prop from Terrahawks.
An original prop Zeriod
Below are screen grabs from the episode so you can see how Yung-Star ended up in the condition he is in now. The picture top right was on screen for a fraction of a second before the explosion and shows how the Yung-Star puppet was replaced for special effects purposes just before the big bang.