Gerry Anderson's
Space Police

Brogan is on patrol when he is overtaken by a fast moving car which subsequently crashes. Brogan together with back up from Officers Dick and Harry, capture the alien suspect.

On returning to base, where Officer Tom is practicing his levitation skills they find that the alien, nick named Armpits by Brogan
is one of V Lann's

Brogan leaves the station to meet the President on his floating sky palace and informs him of the threat from
V Lann to kill the President, if V Lann's
captured henchmen
are not released from prison but the President refuses to bargain.

Whilst Brogan and Bats are with the President the palace comes under attack from another of
V Lann's hired guns but thanks to some sharp shooting by Brogan and Bats the attack is repelled and the space craft destroyed.

The President wonders how his security was by passed, as no craft should be able to get within a mile of the palace without permission.

It becomes clear when the Presidents right hand man is taken to
Mr Big's secret hideout.  The presidential staff member is being blackmailed, his family have been kidnapped, so he agrees to help
V Lann once again and overrides the security of the Presidents monorail, putting it under remote
control by V Lann.

Little does brogan know that the multi handed "Armpits" is on board posing as a barman.

Brogan contacts the President to tell him the override has happened and that he is in danger, the Presidents man admits what he has done...and why.

Slomo locates the hideout of V Lann and the Space Police set off in hot pursuit.

The warehouse/hideout has a fierce robot guard dog and as Brogan is uneasy about the situation, he sends Officer Costello in alone. She ends battling with the dog, in the warehouse which is full of explosives and the inevitable happens, the whole place explodes leaving Brogan and Slomo concerned for the safety of their colleague.

But as it turns out Brogan sent in Officer Costello because she has a special power, she is able to morph into a different
creature with an impermeable skin, consequently she is
ok and once safety
at the police station she
morphs back again.

Meanwhile on the monorail train, the rest of the Space Police take action, Dick and Harry follow the train and Tom together with Bats go on ahead looking for problems on the track.

Bats spots a bomb on one of the track pylons. While she is defusing it Tom comes under fire from E Vile during which a huge bolder is dislodged and falls towards the train, luckily Tom uses his levitation powers to hold it aloft just long enough for the train to pass below it.

But V Lann and E Vile have moved on, and they destroy a bridge further along the track,
in front of the
oncoming train.

Dick takes a shot and manages to separate the coaches from the engine, the coaches slow and the engine hurtles on.

Dick and Harry go down to the stationary train and come under attack from Armpits.
The President had been moved to the engine section before Dicks shot had separated the engine and the train,
so the president is
still onboard.

Brogan contacts V Lann to tell him once more that it's no deal, V Lann throws the train remote from a window, the Presidents fate is now totally in the hands of Brogan and his officers.

Harry hovers over the speeding engine and blows a hole in the roof, into which she lowers Dick, but things on board are treacherous and Costello also enters the fray, via a window, she morphs once again into her protected other self so that she can blow the power source up and stop the engine once and for all.

She succeeds but the engine runs on to what is left of the bridge and starts to topple into
the canyon.

As the engine falls it
begins to slow, Tom
has again come to
the rescue.
Using his levitation powers he brings the falling train to a gentle halt, on the canyon floor and everyone is saved.

Dick returns to the other part of the train to arrest the assailant but is disarmed by a shot from the train, luckily Brogan had also gone back and he disarms Armpits with his good old Colt 45.


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