Supercar Clock Moneybox & Snowstorm
by Linda

1960's Supercar 
Clock Moneybox.
Not a real clock it's 
an educational toy 
[say's so on the box]
for teaching children
to tell the time
and save money as well.
Made in Hong Kong
lovely colourful
box and clock face
featuring all the crew.

Further below is a 
really rare Supercar
piece from the very early 1960's and made by the same company  
as the clock "Linda" 
both items are 
very proudly
Made in Hong Kong.

The "Linda" Supercar
Television Snowstorm.

Apparently this item 
was available with three different scenes and came in a counter display box containing 12 Snowstorms priced at 
2/- 6d {12.5p in our decimal age} according to The Gerry Anderson Memorabilia Guide by Dennis W Nicholson..

The only one I have ever seen in 20 years of collecting and makes 
a fabulous addition 
to the collection.

Guess what 6 months after I made the 
previous comment, 
lo and be hold 
I got another 
different one !