TV21 Number 1

Not being in the market place for a mint copy of TV21 number 1 I decided to get a rough copy and put it back into reasonable shape before getting it framed up together with the free gift that came with it.

Firstly I began up unfurling the edges with the aid of a hot iron.

Both at the top and at the bottom, inside and out.

Then I started to work on the spine of the comic.

Again using a hot iron.

On the inside I used transparent archive mending tissue to strengthen the spine and fix a couple of tears.

Once the edge was flattish I stuck a pieces of edging from some loose pages I had along the inside and attached it using a non-acid glue.

Then using an atlas, a Harley Davidson parts catalogue and a gardening book as a weight I left it to dry over night.

In the morning things were now looking a lot flatter and well supported to prevent further loss.

The comic is now looking a lot nicer than in the first picture. I used an old teabag just to darken the new pieces I added and to try to reproduce the "foxing" along the bottom edge.

Next it came to getting the missing pieces of page, this was made easier by the fact you can download a complete copy of TV21 and with some computer wizardry from my friend Rob the missing pieces were copied.

Followed by more fake "foxing" this time using some furniture scratch polish.

On this page I wil be show the restoration and I use the term very loosly 
of my copy of TV21 number 1.

The last leg was a little bit of colouring in using some coloured pencils.

Not one for the purest but I'm happy with how it turned out compared to what it looked like when I started out.