Autographed Books
This page shows a number of books that I have had autographed at book signings or memorabilia events over the past few years.

The top picture shows the book covers and going clockwise from
the top left
we start with an autograph from Desmond Llewelyn who played "Q" in most of the James Bond films starting with From Russian With Love and going all the way through to The World Is Not Enough. 

Next is
 Patrick MacNee
most famous for the character "Steed" in the Avengers TV series, although he was in the Bond film View To A Kill.

Syd Cain was art director or production designer on lots of the Bond  as well as other films and many TV series of the sixties and seventies.

A signed copy of Gerry Anderson's biography, this book was signed at the same event as the Budgie Supercar shown on the toy page.

For a huge man there are few nicer stars you could meet than Richard Kiel,
most famous for playing "JAWS" in two Bond films.

Last is a signed copy of Bond production stalwart John Glens autobiography
 For My Eyes Only.
His career started in 1949 on the Orson Wells classic 
"The Third Man".
His bond career started with OHMSS as second unit director. He did 5 of Roger Moore's outings as James Bond, many as director and both of Timothy Dalton's portrayals of 007.
He also directed quite a few episodes of Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct.