Autographed Toys
I have over the years met a number of stars at book signings and memorabilia events and here are my autographed toys.

The first one is a Budgie Supercar with it's box, signed by Gerry Anderson in 1996.

This picture is of three signed James Bond vehicles, on the left is a Johnny Lightning Ford Mustang from the film Diamonds are forever signed by
Ed Bishop who is better known as Commander Straker from UFO.
Top right is a 007 Aston Martin, signed by
Shirley Eaton who was painted gold in Goldfinger and at the bottom is my George Lazenby signed Aston DBS from OHMSS.

Another Bond toy, this is the petrol tanker from Licence to kill, signed by David Hedison who played Felix Lieter in two Bond films and was also one of the stars of
Voyage to the bottom of the sea.

Last is my
Starsky and Hutch
Ford Torino, signed by David Soul, I think it says "take care" above the signature