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GEN 11
My 1968 Aurora
"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
kit that I built over Christmas/New year 2004/5.
Pictured left a 1960's Mattel model of Chitty, this has side wings and the added advantage of an inflatable cushion so you can sail it in the bath.
The re-issued Corgi Chitty from the early 1990's
Below the large Chitty is the first toy I bought when I started collecting, who know's if I hadn't bought it this whole collection may never have existed.
Below are two of the new small Chitty models from Corgi and the Kellogg's cereal model from the 1960's the orange and blue models are without wings but the yellow one has a set.
As well as my original Chitty below, there are also the small Corgi and Husky models from the 60's and a newspaper printing plate to advertise the film