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This page covers my collection of FAB1 cars and Parker figures. The first picture shows the cabinet in its entirety and from there close up's of top and bottom so that I can take you through the contents in more detail.
Top row left to right, the recent talking FAB1 from Vivid Imaginations, next to that the fast food give away using the same moulding but without the ability to talk, then the little "squashed kit from Imai and lastly on this first row the standard Imai kit that's been around for years.
Second row a Parker keyring, he's armed with a machine gun?, followed by the current Corgi toys issue and at the end a very rare red FAB1 again an Imai kit but this is from the early seventies. Third row a Kellogg's Parker figure, the Dinky FAB1 which is the second toy I bought when I started collecting and then another Imai kit this is the expensive one from about 2001, which has no figures but does have carpets and rear ariels.
Middle row above starts with the Matchbox Parker, next to him is the Hotwheels FAB1 and infront of him the Konami model and the Matchbox toy from 1992, on the end is the British version of the Lincoln kit. Last row in this picture, a Spanish Parker figure again he's armed, the tiny konami diorama and large Parker figure and then in front a FAB1 from some Christmas crackers about 1992, the small blue one is a Japanese sweet toy give away and finally in the cabinet the "US" version of the Lincoln kit, only minor changes from the British one the most obvious being that the switch is on the side not at the rear, the box lid lists what size battery you need to run it and the instructions are more detailed and in colour. In the picture to the left is a new FAB1 from the film and next to that is the remote control car from around 2000/1 and finally the JR21 Rosenthal friction FAB1 from the mid sixties.
The large Parker in the photo below is the "English Classic Porcelain" figure from around 1995.
From the top of the photo below we have two models of the "new" FAB1 from the Thunderbirds film and then another Kellogg's model this time it's the mail away FAB1 kit from the sixties made by Lincoln and unlike the other versions of the Lincoln shown below the Kellogg's one had figures in.