Mike Mercury Replica Puppet
For those who have been viewing Mikemercury.net from the beginning you will have noticed that in the cabinet that was featured on the home 
page, there stood a naked 
Mike Mercury replica puppet. 
I built Mike over 2 years ago and he has been waiting for a costume to wear ever since. 

One or two people offered to have a go at making him a suit but no one actually did, 
step forward Angela.......
 [maybe with a slight shove 
from Rob]
......jigsaw puzzle wizard 
and someone who was up 
for a challenge.

After a little over a week Mike finally got his new clothes and what a fine outfit it is.

The pictures from top to bottom cover the tailoring of the puppet 
and show the various stages
starting with his trousers and ending with the fully clothed Mike Mercury.

Many hours and much red wine went into the making of 
Mikes uniform and he really
does look fantastic.

Mike's T-shirt is made from a trainer or sneaker sock, "and I will get you another Rob as soon as I find a shop that sells them in one's Ha! ha!"

Building a replica puppet is an experience that I would recommend. 
For those of us who grew up watching our puppet hero's saving the World week in week out, it is a must. 
The internet has a glut of head casts for sale every week and believe me once your puppet is finished you will treasure it as though it is 
the real thing.

In September 2011 Mike received a little bit of a revamp 
his feet were realigned to get rid of his pigeon toed stance, more articulation was added to the arms so that they just didn't hang loose down his side and I could pose him better and a bit more hair was added to try and achieve his bouffant  hair style, still not quite there but he looks better.