Favorite Toys
Another toy from my childhood and yet another from Plaston.

Much more basic than the Supercar but just as rare if not rarer still, especially with the box. The box had cut-out figures on the sides and on the bottom so most kids would and did destroy the box by cutting them out.

There is a well told family tale from my early days about the Plaston Stingray.

I had been bought the Stingray and was playing with it in my Grandparents bath, bombing the hell out of it using wooden clothes pegs. Causing huge waves and water splashed over the side of the bath and ended up running out of the light fitting in the kitchen below.

Now another rare Gerry Anderson 1960's toy.

The fantastic Fairylite
Steve Zodiac Jetmobile.

I loved this toy as a child and was thrilled to get one, lots of toys are described as rare but this really is.

Next a not so rare toy from the late 60's the Pedigree Captain Scarlet.

From the era when Action Man was launched here in Britain and GI Joe arrived in the States.

I say not rare as you do see them for sale but boxed ones are extremely desirable.

Finally at the bottom all my favorite sixties toys together.

All the ones displayed on this page plus the Plaston Supercar I kept back from the auction at Bonhams in 2010.
I have had a few Daleks for a while but decided to try and collect the three I remember having as a child. Below is my "Holy Trinity" of Dalek toys, the first issue Marx bump and go, the Codeg clockwork and finally the Woolworth's Herts Dalek. All of them had faults or parts missing but over the past few months they have been brought up to a nice standard and make a great nostalgic display.