Supercar by Johnny Lightning
I remember when I first saw that Johnny Lightning  were bring out a Supercar model some forty years after the TV program, it was unbelievable. 
I thought 99% of model collectors will have never heard of Supercar, what's the point?

But what a marketing job they made of it, several different versions and then the spin off with the guys at Misc Mayhem. So here we have the ones I've got and I am sure there are others 
I don't have.

Starting at the top left we have the long wing version with black interior, next is the long wing with white interior and wheels, making it a white lightning version. followed by another white lightning with short wings, then a short wing black interior version. 

I am told that white lightning versions account for 1% of a models total production run  so they are much harder to come by.

Next is the fully black condor and the 
classic version.

My favorite probably because of the combination of the background and the model, is the black & white version in picture three, what an inspired piece of thinking that was, it invokes the period perfectly. The one shown is my signed limited edition number 46 of only 200 produced when Mike Mercury himself, 
Graydon Gould
 appeared at the 
San Deigo comic con 
a couple of years ago.