Shipton Plastics Plaston Supercar 
This page is devoted to my favorite Supercar toy. My favorite probably because it's the only one I really remember from my childhood. The strange thing was, that when I set out to try and find one, I had a vision in my head that it was 2 to 3 feet in length so when I eventually tracked one down and it was only 12 inches long I couldn't quite understand it, and then I realised that was remembering it in proportion to my size at the time, aged 6. 
I must have had 4 or 5 over the years as I bought one for a part and then sold on the bits I didn't need, it took me 15 years to complete mine and it was only in October 2004 that I got the final part I needed the rear aerial and then 2 weeks later I got another incomplete one but it had a box.

I was very fortunate in the fact that I used to own two Plaston Supercar toys, why would anybody need more than one you may ask, well the answer is they were both different. The differences though are not that obvious, the main one is that the Supercar shown in the bottom set of pictures
 [black bordered] 
has what can best be described as a yellow plastic stud that locates Mike Mercury in place in the driving seat but in the other pictured above the front bench seat has a pip moulded to locate Mike. The other difference is the canopy locating lugs, on the bottom one they are raised and on the top one there are just holes with nothing raised around them. 
This second Supercar wasn't complete but I  worked with a master model restoration man over a few months to produce all the parts necessary to complete it, using my other one to mould the pieces off. So this Plaston was restored using most of those parts including the canopy and the stickers. the only
   modification needed was to drill the canopy locating holes a little bigger. 

The large picture being the restored Supercar in all it's glory.

Unfortunately these parts are no longer available.

Plaston toys display sign
or so I thought, but it turns out to be the top of a toy postbox.

Argentina copy of the Plaston Supercar, complete with wheels!