Supercar by Misc Mayhem
Two different copies of the Supercar T-shirt from those guys at Misc Mayhem.
A standard issue and a rare "Top Secret Prototype" version. 
A limited edition copy of Supercar the comic issue "0" together with its hand drawn 
Mike Mercury sketch card and certificate. 
It's a great shame that the comic didn't achieve it's full run of issues.

Below Supercar issue "0" fantastic 
original artwork. Framed together with a copy of the page as it appeared in the comic.
Below that a large scale 3D mock up 
of the front cover, that was made for promotional use at the San Diego comic convention a few years ago. 
Left, 3D cover mock up.

The art work is also personally signed by the artist Kez Wilson. 

I recently was able to obtain some more of Kez Wilson's artwork from Supercar 0.
Directly below is a double page spread, pages 2 & 3 and below left is page 10.