Supercar Comics & Books
A selection of 1960's comics, annuals and puzzle books, starting with the Gold Key comics from the US which ran from November 1962 until August 1963 with a gap of 2/3 months between each issue, the rear of each comic has the same picture as the front but without all the writing, so that you could use the rear covers as pin-up pictures .

The next pair of books are the Little Golden Book from the US and a larger reprint of the same story by World Distributors Ltd of Manchester in the UK.

Left the original Supercar annual from 1961 here in the UK and another WDL book from 1965.

Remember when one of the presents your were always guaranteed on Christmas morning was an annual? well the next picture covers the annuals from 1962 and 1963, on the left is the 1962 one, with what looks suspiciously like Fireball XL5 being built in Mike's back garden? with stories by Sylvia Anderson, as does the 1961 annual shown above. The 1963 one has stories by Alan Fennel.

 Nexts are two puzzle books, one from each side of the Atlantic, on the left is a UK book from 1962 and the one featuring Supercar submerged is a US edition from 1964. 

Far left a 1965 Spanish Supercar and Fireball XL5 sticker book.

And a 1962 UK Supercar paint book by
Wm Collins & Sons
Two 1966 Mexican edition of the 1962 Goldkey comic from the US. The copy of number 1 doesn't have the Ray Osrin artwork on the inside front and rear covers and doesn't have the pin up poster rear cover of the original.
Below is the folder of Blueprints drawn by Gerry Anderson super collector Phil Rae in 1983.
Amazingly I pick this up in Thunderbooks  Blackpool in March 2007, totally mint.
The folder contains blueprints of Supercar [shown], SPV, Fireball XL5 and the Shado Mobile.

Above and left an Australian TV guide from November 1963 which featured a 4 page spread on Supercar, that states Supercar was shown in 20 countries.