Supercar Como cards
The complete 1st & 2nd series of Como sweet cigarette cards  numbers 1-25 & 26-50. Manufactured in England some time between 1962/3. Each card had an offer on the reverse to 
Join the Supercar Club & get your Pilot's Licence & Wings Badge. 
Send crossed 2/6d postal order, your name, address and age to:--
Cedars House, Cedars Road,
Maidenhead, Berks
Applies to the UK only.

Curiously the style of art work changes from card 21 onwards, where as those that came before are almost coloured actual Supercar photos, those from 20-25 and then the whole of the 2nd series are more of a drawn cartoon style of card.
The sweet cigarettes box
bore some lovely Supercar art work and as far as I am aware did not change during the run of either set of cards.
Three unusual Argentinean collectors cards from the late 1960's. Numbers 42, 339 & 340.
Part of a large set of 
Gerry Anderson cards I think 
because a Captain Scarlet [Captain Esarlata} card number 51, also came with them. 
May possibly have been tea or cereal cards.