Supercar Pelham Puppets
  All four Pelham     Puppets in their correct individually labeled boxes.
Cost new 34/-[£1.70] each, now £200/250 each, mint boxed.

Not a Pelham but a very curious Mike Mercury string puppet that I am lead to believe was made sometime in the 1980's. Mike was one of nine puppets recently for sale, all made in the same style, covering most of the big Anderson shows.

The Pelham Supercar team.

Next a Mitch the monkey Pelham style puppet. I commissioned Mitch from personal friend of 
Bob Pelham and former head of the Animation Department at Pelham Puppets David Leech and I have to say that Mitch is 
truly fantastic and fits perfectly with the other Supercar puppets in the Pelham range.

"Friend" Zarin joins the Pelham gang.

I was so please with the Mitch puppet David Leech made that 
I asked him if he could make a Zarin puppet, and as usual 
David came up trumps, Zarin is superb and compliments the Pelham style perfectly.

Left is a picture of Mitch meeting David's Supercar Pelham puppets before he arrived here to join
 the collection.

Towards the bottom of the page you can see the Winter 1962 edition of Pelpup News which features the "Harrods" Supercar
window display from Christmas 1962, plans of Supercar and an article about the making of 
the TV show.