Supercar UK Games
Shown here are both the Tower Supercar jigsaw puzzels. Each has a 140 pieces.

The top one is "Preparing for take-off" and the lower one is "Deep sea adventure" 
Bell Toys Sling-A-Ring Supercar game bearing a price sticker for  3s-11d from Gamages the famous London department store that closed in 1971.

Supercar magnetic adventures set, showing just some of the magnetic pieces. 
Next is another recent acquisition a Chad Valley Quoits game, its was missing some hooks and the rings but has been repaired using another 1960's game from the same manufacturer. 
Above the Bell Toys Underwater 
Treasure Hunt game.   

A Supercar snap card game by  Ariel Productions.
A Supercar bagatelle game from Chad Valley that was recently for sale in the UK and now resides in a 
private collection.