Supercar Projector sets
Bell battery powered Projector set
together with a counter display box of additional films, also the Jolly Film operator powered projector set and the Supercar viewmaster reel and booklet.

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Film Viewer
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Chad Valley
 Give a show projector set featuring
 Supercar, Fireball XL5 
and Stingray slides.
 The box front shows
Supercar and XL5 flying 
and the bottom box edge 
also shows them and a Stingray Terror Fish. 

A little further below
is the smaller blue
box version of the 
Give A Show 
projector set.
"Smaller" in relation 
too the box that is, 
because although
the box is about
75% of the size of 
the red boxed set,
the blue box contains
 twice as many 
slides as the red.
The most obvious 
addition is Dr Who 
and The Daleks also
there are now two 
Stingray stories.

Above the details of the "Join the Supercar club" leaflet enclosed with the 8mm  
Mountain  film shown below.

Left a set of extra slides for any 
Chad Valley projector set 
allowing you to add extra slides
on many subjects. 
The card shown has slides 
86 "The Wright Brothers" 
84 "Fireball XL5 Saves the Moon"
83 "Supercar Tree On The Line"
46 "Popeye  Day At The Seaside"

Two versions of the same 8mm
Supercar  film 
"The Lost City" both 200 feet and a copy of Pirate Plunder only 100 feet,
also shown are the little story books as these were silent films,  interestingly these are the least expensive Supercar items if you take inflation into account, as they cost £4-10s for the 200ft in 1963 and £2-10s for the 100ft which was a huge amount and can be bought now for around £20/25.
Recently aquired is a copy of 
"Flight Of Fancy" see below and further below is the brochure 
from Mountain Films showing the
 full Supercar film range.