Supercar Media

Mike Mercury Glove Puppet  by Chad Valley in the UK. 

Mike full endorses 
"Full Boost Vertical" 
the Supercar story on DVD. 
Supercar DVD's,Video's and a Fanderson 
sound track CD.

The region 2 release 
of Supercar 
on DVD and the free episode availabe with the June 2005 edition 
of DVD Monthly.

Left an ITC advertising card for the original video release
of Supercar.

Below an NTSC copy 
of Full Boost Vertical
The Supercar Story
signed by 

Director David Elliott

Puppeteer Mary Turner

Cameraman John Read

Supercar sheet music, bought from New Zealand 
but printed in Australia.

Has stamped over the price
"Professional copy 
not for resale"