Supercar Records
Two editions of the "Flight of Fancy" LP, the photo cover is from the UK and the cartoon cover is from New Zealand.
Two single 45 rpm
records, the left one is the 
National Petroleum
Flexi Disc
which was give
away at petrol
stations and the other
is a Peter Pan records recording from 
the US.

An advance "not for sale" demonstration copy of the Supercar theme by the Nelson Riddle orchestra.

Next the Century 21
themes mini album
from 1965. Featuring
all the early theme tunes
from XL5 to Lady Penelope but strangely also 
Dr Who.

The recording of "Reggae High" by the Dub Band
with its Supercar inspired front cover.

This recording by the
Cass Carnaby Five
is included because
the cover features 
a selection of 
Gerry Anderson
memorabilia including a couple
of Supercar annuals.