Supercar and TV Comic

An early edition of TV comic complete with its unused cardboard Supercar
model and a photocopy of the model built.
Right, 18th March 1961 the first Supercar strip in TV comic.
As you can see it was originally a three colour strip in black,white and red, although it moved to full colour later.
    TV Comic 507, 2nd September 1961, the final 2/3 colour pages of Supercar, artists
 name T Watts.
Here Mike and the crew are much more like standard comic characters, in the way that they are drawn.

TV Comic 508,
 9th September 1961, Supercar in full colour, a change of artist to "Mevin" and all the characters are now as they appear on screen.

Next below is the final appearance
of Supercar in TV Comic
issue 667
26th September 1964. 
A sad occasion really
as TV21 treated Supercar
as a bit of a joke and
didn't do it the justice that 
TV Comic had done.

Left, the farewell from
Mike and the 
Supercar team
shown in the last
panel above.

   Below are the 3 TV Comic

Left is a Supercar spot the difference competition from TV21.

Below are the Lenny The Lion and TV Terrors Supercar one off comic strips from TV Comic.

Lenny The Lion was a ventriloquist act here in the UK and the TV Terrors steal Supercar at a real event the Wizard Of OZ Ice Show  at the Empire Pool, Wembley.